“Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. 
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down... barriers. Sport, has the power to change the world.” 

- Nelson Mandela


BP1 Academy is dedicated to increasing opportunities for high school student athletes from around the world to develop into collegiate and professional basketball players. We are committed to providing our athletes with the training and competition to prepare them for the highest levels of post secondary basketball.


The relationship between athletics and academics is crucial for developing premier student athletes. BP1 Academy combines the benefits of a discipline academic and social environment through our academic partner, Bond Academy. At BP1 Academy we value our partnership with Bond Academy. This partnership provides our students with endless support and opportunities to development off the court, assuring our athletes success beyond basketball.  


Our athletes compete against top high school and prep teams across North America, to maximize their exposure and experience to elite level competition. BP1 Academy High School athletes will also compete locally against top Canadian basketball programs.  

Athlete Training

BP1 focuses on training movement to increase strength and maximize skill development. Many youth athletes suffer from overuse injuries. We help to reduce reduce the risk of injury by training optimal mobility and providing rehab training.  

Player Development

BP1 Academy emphasizes position specific skill development that will prepare athletes to play their ideal position at the next level, with a focus on movement development to increase athleticism while greatly reducing the risk of injury. Our partnership with Sports Nutritionist, Athlete Development and Basketball Skill Trainers assures our athletes will receive the very best opportunity to maximize their potential.  


At BP1 we holistically support their athletes. Nutrition plays a huge role in how our athletes perform. We teach the athletes the importance of how to fuel their bodies for elite level competition and training. Our program provides with the tools to prepare them for success.   

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